Study Abroad institutions

Dear Student

Welcome to AU GO - The Study Abroad database!

The database contains information about the exchange partner universities of Aarhus University.
In order for you to see the specific agreements suiting your study programme, you need to use the Search function, please note that there might be partner universities available for your study programme, which does not offer courses matching your curriculum at Aarhus University. Since some agreements cover all of the Faculty of Health there might also appear universities in your search which has restrictions on your specific area of study (mainly for medicine students). Be sure to read the information on each university thoroughly. 

1. Press Search

2. Programme: choose Exchange

3. Period: choose 2017/18 (which covers available places in Spring 2018). Please be aware that places that are not available might be displayed. For the correct list of available places, please see the list of available places in your study portal - under destination and available places spring 2018.

4. Study: choose your study programme

5. Press “Do Search”

If you have any questions about using the database or going on exchange, please contact the International coordinator at the Faculty of Health Sciences:
Rikke Præstegaard, email:

This tutorial video will guide you through the functions of the AU GO database: